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The Voice and The Performer

with Natsuko Ohama

June 20, 2016 - June 25, 2016

Natsuko Ohama (5 days)


Free your voice no matter who you are!

Through relaxation, imagination, vocal and physical exercises, connect with your body/voice/feelings/thoughts to express who you are with the speaking voice. Undo the inhibiting tensions that restrict the actor’s emotional and creative freedom.

This 5 day progression covers Physical Awareness, Breath Awareness, Vibration Awareness, Amplification, Freeing The Channel For Sound (Jaw, Tongue, Soft Palate), Developing Resonance, Articulation.  Along side the vocal progression, the Sound and Movement work will be using the full body, imagistic delving into text work to release the expressive creativity of the speaking voice. Abstract soundings, origins of language, color work, emotional freeing, and harnessing the imagination to express text work are the continuing explorations of this voice work.
Free your voice, Free yourself!
“One of the finest teachers I have ever trained.” –Kristin Linklater
“A gifted and caring teacher with a wonderful sensibility.” –Peter Brook
Natsuko Ohama NATSUKO OHAMA trained under Kristin Linklater, Peter Kass, Trish Arnold, and Joseph Chaikin at the Working Theatre in New York and she is a founding member and permanent faculty of Shakespeare and Company Lenox, Mass. She has taught… read more | Visit Natsuko’s Website

Register by May 1st and receive a $50 discount. A 10% discount is also available to individuals registering for more than one workshop or for group registrations from the same immediate family or performing ensemble. See the registration form for details.


Arrival: between 3 PM and 6 PM on Monday
Departure: before 10 AM on Sunday

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