Dody DiSanto

Passions and Tragic Space

Dody DiSanto was trained in Paris, holding an esteemed position as a teaching protégé of the late Jacques Lecoq, whose teachings she carries on at the Center for Movement Theatre in Washington, DC. Dody’s work embodies a dynamic and physical approach to acting. She is currently on the faculties of the Academy for Classical Acting for the Shakespeare Theatre at the George Washington University and at The Catholic University of America, teaching neutral mask and clown.

Dody’s past teaching credits include Cirque du Soleil, The Yale School of Drama, Dynamic Studies in Space, Gesture and Structure at the Corcoran College of Art and Design, assistant to Lecoq at the Theatre of Creation Festival, and many years of residencies, workshops, and coaching.

She was founder and artistic director of the Membrane Ensemble Theatre, and Phoenix Dance Theatre. She has been a member of several ensembles, including Chantier Theatre, Present Company and Barking Rooster Theatre. Performing includes Off-Broadway at LaMaMa, E.T.C., Lincoln Center Serious Fun Festival, Theatre for the New City and the Avignon Festival.

Her training includes a private pedagogic apprenticeship under Lecoq, and the Laboratoire d’Etude du Movement course and diploma from L’École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq, corporeal mime with Étienne Decroux, and wire, juggling, acrobatics and tap under the direction of Annie Fratellini at L’École Nationale du Cirque.

Dody is also nationally certified for Massage Therapy and Bodywork. From 1980-87, she created, owned and managed internationally acclaimed music venue, Nightclub 9:30, in Washington, DC.

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